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Immediate Litigation

Using our Collection Attorney

Prior to forwarding a case to a collection attorney all cases are thoroughly researched and investigated. An asset investigator conducts a Financial Profile Search on the debtor company and its principals. Information developed in this investigation will identify the legal structure of the company, all-responsible parties, background information, bank/creditor relationships, registered agent/address and confirm process service address.

Bankruptcies, insolvency’s and defunct corporations are ferreted out of the primary case stream and further due diligence may be performed to produce our course of action. This preliminary due diligence insures that only qualified cases with a visible potential for recovery are forwarded to collection attorneys for final collection.

Our recommendation will be one of three things: If we do collect you owe us the following:

50% of the amount collected if we don’t recover our fee via litigation. If we recover our fee via litigation the debtor pays and you get every dime owed to you!